Thursday, May 02, 2013

Be better every time...

Damn. How many times a day do I have to see a tattoo on social media and go "YEEESH!?!?" Man, a lot of you are really bad and don't even know it. Seek honest, constructive criticism to learn and grow. Don't hide behind a clientele that doesn't know better. Everyone with a tattoo machine should have a conscience and some sense of social responsibility IMO. I sucked once too. Thank God I sought out good people to model and learn from. I also put my work out there (tattoo and otherwise) and took my lumps from my peers. You can do it. Want to be better every time you create something. Study hard. Share your work in progress with other artists with the intention to learn and grow. Your art is your legacy. Especially if you tattoo. Good luck and God Bless. ~Keith #tattoomentor

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