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The "Tandem Tattoo" session opportunity

The "Tandem Tattoo" session opportunity. Only 10 people will be considered for the spots available from January to March of 2012. It is not as simple as just asking and paying the money. I will need to see your portfolio online, you must be licensed, and you must presently work in a professional tattoo studio. Your acceptance is pending my personal approval.

So what is a "Tandem Tattoo" session?

A "Tandem Tattoo" session works like this…You provide the client and the design. You do the tattoo under my guidance and supervision. At times during the tattoo I will actually get in there and work on the tattoo as well. showing you techniques hands-on, like no DVD, seminar or download can do. This is truly the most valuable time and information I can share with you. A one of a kind experience. You don't watch ME tattoo. I watch YOU tattoo and coach you as well as actually tattoo right along with you.

The cost is $800. You will spend the entire day at my studio. 1-9pm.
If you are interested call 516 442 1440 and email links to the requirements listed above to be considered to

If you are approved you will be sent a PayPal invoice and a call to confirm the details of your session.

Keith Ciaramello

Sunday, December 04, 2011

One Down...

One down! Want a Keith Ciaramello signature series Bishop tattoo machine in this hand painted coffin? $425 plus s&h. Message me. I am only painting 3 one off boxes. No more. Get it (Machine is Silver with clip cord attachment and my personalized graphics engraved and on the motor).

Limited edition of three coffin cases for Bishop Progress...

Under paintings done! Color next.

Saturday, December 03, 2011

New DVD by Keith?!

Session one of Blue Pitt Bull tattoo taped for new DVD. Lots of layering, texture and detail to come in session 2 early January. Hopefully DVD by Feb. thanks for looking!

Friday, December 02, 2011

Special edition Bishop Coffins in progress...

I'm hand painting 3 wooden coffins for my signature series Bishop tattoo machines. Here's part one. Pencil sketches.

New Books!

New books get the creative juices flowing! Here are some books I just bought that I highly recommend.