Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Photoshop Basics For Tattoo Artists Seminar in Philly

15 seat limit for this seminar. $100 per person
Each person is eligible for a FREE copy of the DVD.

Some covered topics....
• Resolution, scale, vector vs. bit map. Rules of thumb.
• Basic tool bar tools and their functions.
• Basic Layer tools, FX and techniques.
• Selections and “Masks”. Channel and Path basics.
• Basic image adjustments, including color, brightness,contrast and levels.
• A brief overview of filters.
• Digital stenciling tricks and techniques.
• Color “sampling” from reference for tattooing and painting.
• Enhancing photo references for best tattoo results.
• “Comping” tattoos and cover-ups on body photography or tracings of clients.
• Some digital painting and drawing techniques for beginners.
• Coloring “line art” for beginners.
• Basic tattoo photography tips, and how to correct and enhance your photos for presentation in print and for web.

Coming Soon to DVD! Release Date Winter 2010
Finally a Photoshop instructional lecture that is specifically intended with tattoo artists in mind! Photoshop Basics for Tattoo Artists will give you the tools you need to get started with incorporating Photoshop into your daily routine as a tattoo artist.