Thursday, September 25, 2008

Skate Decks for 2008 No Comply...

Did some "wraps" of my tiki art. Sorry again for the iPhone pics....

Got me a new Tattoo!

Got this Bad Ass Dino tattoo from Jamie @ Top SHelf in NY!
Thanks Bro!
Sorry about the crappy iPhone pics...

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Kustom Kulture Gallery NY Opening Second Studio

***Kustom Kulture Gallery NY Opening Second Studio***

That's right, and we are looking for artists and guest artists for late 08, 09 and beyond. Please send a few pictures of your best tattoo work as well as a few pictures of any other mediums you work in. We attend major conventions during the year and have a good relationship with tattoo media and publications.

The ideal person for this job is someone who has taken their tattooing as far as it can go in the shop they work in, and is looking to work in a studio with artists who encourage each other to grow, and push their limits in tattooing and other mediums.

I can to help artists willing to re-locate to NY.

Serious professional artists only. If you suck, please don't email me until you get WAY better...LOL!

Keith Ciaramello

Email or call 516 623 5665
Katie will take all your info

Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Go join the all new Kustom Kulture Gallery and tattoo online community at!
Video, Photos, Blogs, Forums, Friends...More powerful site!!! Join now FREE!!! may be a thing of the past!!!
Thanks for all your support!
Keith Ciaramello

Hello Madrid!

Some new friends from Spain! Next time I feel like taking an 8 hour plane trip I'll have to go visit them!

Saturday, August 02, 2008

Award winning artist? LOL!

Got a first place large male color and a third place medium female color in New Hampshire. So, do I write "award winning artist" next to my name now??? LOL! Feels good to win though. Thanks!

Monday, July 28, 2008

Monday, July 21, 2008

Hot off the Press!!!!

Keith's collaborative art will be in the new book "50/50 Tattoo art project" by Henri B from France. Here is a look at the news as it posted on is a relatively new magazine style tattoo website. It looks like it will do well as it develops further in the future. Join up today!
Keith art as it appears on the Henri B website.
Kiss the canvas show is a cover story in the new "Tattoo Society" #11! Pick up your copy today!!! Here's a preview of the story as it appears in the magazine.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Kustom Kulture Gallery Airbrush Class 08!!

Keith Ciaramello introducing the class to Javier Soto and Mike Barile. These guys are two of the most sought after custom painters around. Both have had vehicles featured in most of the major car and bike magazines and Javier is a star instructor for Airbrush Action Magazine.

Mike demos "true fire". This is one of the hottest effects around....Oh crap...did I just type that..
Mike explains the underlaying of white paint followed by translucent "candy" colors to achieve this effect. Later in the evening he showed everyone how it was done. He also showed some great freehand and loose masking techniques.
Javier Soto demonstrates his skin tone system for portrait style artwork. Even Mike snaps a few pictures of this one. Awesome! Javi rules!
All the participants got to do the "drills". Dot patterns, line segments, shading and dagger strokes were explained.

Javier's skin tone demo in progress. Beautiful!
Everyone got one on one time with the artists to ask any questions. Here Javier explains single and double action airbrushes.
Class ran into the night...
Shooting out of sequence....Scorsese on film...
Everyone got their hands dirty! That's what its all about!
Javier is so good you could swear he had a third arm. See it??? Whoa!
Mike makes it look WAY too easy. The airbrush is an extension of his hand for sure.
Thanks again to Mike and Javier for giving this class every year. If you would like to meet them and have an opportunity to try our airbrushing , they will be giving a short free demo this year at our annual "Brushes, Needles and Burnouts" event. Please check the website for details and a schedule of demos and happenings during this two day event.
Thanks for looking!
Keith Ciaramello
Kustom Kulture Gallery & Tattoo
778 Merrick Road
Baldwin, NY 11510
516 623 5665

Monday, July 07, 2008

Tales from the Moleskin....

Got me a little 3.5 x5.5 Moleskin watercolor book for my pocket. Wash drawings, doodles, and studies of other painters....
Here's the first two...

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Drew Brophy Visits KKG!

Drew Brophy Visits KKG!
Another visit from an inspiring custom artist. Man are we lucky! It seems like one day we are talking about how much we admire someone and then "POOF" there they are!

I even got my own little paint pen demo from the man himself. Amazing to see just how much Drew can do with simple water-based paint pens. He customizes everything from guitars and motor-cycles to his specialty...surfboards.

The quintessential cool surfer dude, he is laid back and doing what he loves. You can tell he is for real. All about making bad-ass art for people to enjoy.
Paint pens are way more versatile then you would think, and apparently they taste good too!!! Frankly I think there may be an easier way to show how child safe the paint is, but hey...this works.
Thanks again to Drew and Maria Brophy for taking the time out to come by and see our shop. Hope we see them again real soon. In the meantime visit our webstore to purchase Drew's DVD on how to paint with paint pens. It is sure to get you up and painting everything in the house!
L>R Drew Brophy, Keith Ciaramello and Maria Brophy.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

New Kustom Sneakers By Keith!!

For the Monster Mayhem Show in Atlanta. For sale $250. Acrylic on canvas shoes.
Thanks for looking!

Sunday, June 01, 2008

Legends of Roll...Visit Kustom Kulture Gallery

Legends of Roll...Visit Kustom Kulture Gallery
L>R Omar Hassan, Christian Hosoi, Marvin Silva, Keith & Terri Ciaramello, Lamour Supreme and Stve Caballero. If you know X-Sports, TAttooing and LOwbrow art you already knew who you were looking at!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Kiss the Canvas Art Show 2008

Kiss the canvas art show at Kustom Kulture Gallery & Tattoo

778 Merrick Road, Balswin, NY 1150

516 623 5665

All artwork from this show is currently for sale!!!! 

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Philly Tattoo arts convention 08

It was great! Cool to meet with Guy Aithcinson, Jon Clue, Cory Kruger, Nick Baxter, Bob Tyrell, Nikko Hurtado and all the rest. So inspired I can hardly stand it. The painting demos were awesome. Guy Nikko, Cory, Jon, Michelle Wortman, and Alex Gray....WOOOO!

My first convention in about 10 years. Glad I went. Great to meet all of you who stopped by our booth as well. See you all in Hell City!!

KEith Ciaramello