Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Drew Brophy Visits KKG!

Drew Brophy Visits KKG!
Another visit from an inspiring custom artist. Man are we lucky! It seems like one day we are talking about how much we admire someone and then "POOF" there they are!

I even got my own little paint pen demo from the man himself. Amazing to see just how much Drew can do with simple water-based paint pens. He customizes everything from guitars and motor-cycles to his specialty...surfboards.

The quintessential cool surfer dude, he is laid back and doing what he loves. You can tell he is for real. All about making bad-ass art for people to enjoy.
Paint pens are way more versatile then you would think, and apparently they taste good too!!! Frankly I think there may be an easier way to show how child safe the paint is, but hey...this works.
Thanks again to Drew and Maria Brophy for taking the time out to come by and see our shop. Hope we see them again real soon. In the meantime visit our webstore to purchase Drew's DVD on how to paint with paint pens. It is sure to get you up and painting everything in the house!
L>R Drew Brophy, Keith Ciaramello and Maria Brophy.

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