About Keith

Keith Ciaramello is an award winning tattoo artist, painter, illustrator and graphic designer. His style is a hybrid of pop culture, surrealism, graphic design and photorealism. The artwork he creates on and off the skin has a cinematic feel, and a sense of humor and personality uniquely "Keith".

Over the last 18 years Keith has developed a reputation for vision, faith, courage, integrity and a commitment to the motivation and betterment of young artists. With a background in education and the arts, he posses the rare ability to both DO and TEACH. His instructional approach breaks down complex concepts into practical information that can be applied by artists immediately on their creative projects. Awards and magazine features aside, it is the nurturing and development of young talent that he finds the most rewarding.

In 2003 Keith opened the Kustom Kulture Gallery in Baldwin, NY and has also released several instructional DVD's and downloads for the professional development of young artists. Last year he was honored to be included in the "Signature Series" of Bishop tattoo machines with his own model. He does his best to live a peaceful life on the South Shore of Long Island, NY with his loving wife Terri and their dog Dino.