Wednesday, May 02, 2012


Some covered topics....
• Resolution, scale, vector vs. bit map. Rules of thumb.
• Basic tool bar tools and their functions.
• Basic Layer tools, FX and techniques.
• Selections and “Masks”. Channel and Path basics.
• Basic image adjustments, including color, brightness,contrast and levels.
• A brief overview of filters.
• Digital stenciling tricks and techniques.
• Color “sampling” from reference for tattooing and painting.
• Enhancing photo references for best tattoo results.
• “Comping” tattoos and cover-ups on body photography or tracings of clients.
• Some digital painting and drawing techniques for beginners.
• Coloring “line art” for beginners.
• Basic tattoo photography tips, and how to correct and enhance your photos for presentation in print and for web.

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