Sunday, September 25, 2011

Art Out Loud 2011

Art Out Loud 2011 was a Sell Out!

A great day Saturday! What could be better than stepping into NY's historical Society of Illustrators to watch five of the most spectacular fantasy painters do their thing live? NOTHING! It was AWESOME!
Here are a few choice photos from the event (none of which do the paintings or events justice).

Donato's Gollum goes for the ring. "No Mr. Frodo!!!"
More Donato Magic!

Detail from Greg Manchess' work

Packed House!

Living legend Boris!

Julie Bell makes perfection look easy.

Keith Ciaramello and Boris Valejo

Keith Ciaramello and Julie Bell

Keith Ciaramello and Donato Giancola

Greg Manchess in action!

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