Tuesday, August 02, 2011

One Sketch A Day...Hopefully....lol

Got a hold of one of these. The paper is a bit flimsy, but I love the format. Two days per page, and they are labeled "Day 1, Day 2..." not dated. This way if you buy a journal in July, you don't have to start in the middle. Pen or pencil are the only option here. I may just do my own with a Moleskin next time. they can handle more abuse. Even paint and markers can kill that thick Moleskin paper.

 Day 1. Ballpoint. The spaces are 3.5x5.
Here's how it looks in context. Anyway, I was disappointed with the small format and the thin paper, but now I think those things actually help to keep me going. Only takes 20-30 minutes to make an entry. I'll do my best to get to this every day. Either way, 365 sketch/doodles would be a fun accomplishment. Hope someone makes these for mixed media. C'mon Moleskin, DO IT!

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