Friday, June 24, 2011

***Keith Ciaramello 06/24/11 Update***

OK. FYI....Thanks to all who have called, E-mailed, texted...Here's the story: Monday @ 6am I'll be going in for my surgery (umbilical hernia). I'll be out that same day, but it will be a week or two before I'm back in the studio. Prob 7/12. In the meantime the best way to reach me is email or call my studio line 516.442.1440

While I'm recovering I highly encourage you to come get tattooed by Jared Stomber, Johnny Thief, and Justin A. Buduo. Please contact them individually or call the main studio line 516.623.5665

Thanks for all your thoughts and prayers. I will continue to answer calls and emails to the best of my ability with the help of my assistant SexayjerrahGigabyte ThePharaohwizard Nacovsky (Jerry for short).

I'm now booking August and September.

Thanks! I love you guys!
Keith Ciaramello

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