Sunday, February 07, 2010

More DVD Testimonials!

More Testimonials!
Hi Keith
I watched your DVD and I just wanted to tell you it was awesome, you are a fantastic artist, and you did a great job with the DVD.  I really like the way you filmed it,  as well as your open and detailed dialogue about the ins and outs of the way you tattoo.  Very informed and detailed!   I really liked the inset of the palette as well as your source photo, very nice idea.
I think it’s a great leap forward  that we now have access to resources such as your DVD, helping to educate other artists and improve this industry as a whole is a worthwhile endeavor.
Thanks again for sharing your knowledge with those of us who are constantly looking for tips and hints and other ways to improve our own work.  I’m looking forward to your Photoshop DVD as well!
Thanks! David

Not Just another tattoo DVD. Its like taking Keith's live seminar and then spending an entire day with him in his studio. So much information. It was much more than I expected.
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Wednesday, February 03, 2010