Sunday, February 07, 2010

More DVD Testimonials!

More Testimonials!
Hi Keith
I watched your DVD and I just wanted to tell you it was awesome, you are a fantastic artist, and you did a great job with the DVD.  I really like the way you filmed it,  as well as your open and detailed dialogue about the ins and outs of the way you tattoo.  Very informed and detailed!   I really liked the inset of the palette as well as your source photo, very nice idea.
I think it’s a great leap forward  that we now have access to resources such as your DVD, helping to educate other artists and improve this industry as a whole is a worthwhile endeavor.
Thanks again for sharing your knowledge with those of us who are constantly looking for tips and hints and other ways to improve our own work.  I’m looking forward to your Photoshop DVD as well!
Thanks! David

Not Just another tattoo DVD. Its like taking Keith's live seminar and then spending an entire day with him in his studio. So much information. It was much more than I expected.
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Reedpunk said...

O.K so im just gonna’ get right into this.
I am no spring chicken and have been tattooing as a profession in a busy street shop for over 20 years.
I have seen tattoo trends come and go and have done thousands and thousands of tattoos, and at this point in my career am always eager to learn something new.. Now don’t get me wrong I have gone thru tattoo burn out several times in my 20 years at this, and have entertained the idea of quitting tattooing altogether at times, but have always managed to get back into a positive headspace and return to my chair with the enthusiasm of a apprentice getting his first job..
Basically I love tattooing and could not imagine having a cooler or more interesting and challenging job. What else could I do that would allow me the freedom to be so creative and actually make a good living at it?
I recently picked up you’re DVD “Keep it real” and must say, I was very, VERY happy with my purchase!
It is the first “how to video” I have ever picked up and am so glad that I did.
We have all heard the saying, “you cant teach an old dog, new tricks,” well… Bullshit!! I learned more than a few things! Sure most of it I already knew about, BUT the things I didn’t know and you showed on your DVD have already helped me greatly as a artist, not only with my tattooing, but with my artwork and painting as well!!
As a tattoo artist in the trade for so long I think the most important thing you addressed that has helped me the most, was the idea of not tattooing the way I was taught… To actually look at the needles as brushes.. Instead of outlining first get right into the tattoo, shading first….Just to go for it, approach it as if we were painting instead of doing a tattoo… To unlearn the way I have been tattooing for so long was an incredible feeling and something, I never realized could be done.. And the fact that you point out to the newcomers, that you must learn the rules before you break them, is paramount to anyone ever hoping to become a well rounded tattoo artist..
Another thing that has helped me incredibly, that you addressed in your DVD was not cleaning the color out of the tube and simply tapping back and fourth between the colors, creating a much wider variety of super rich colors… Thanks Keith I really needed to hear this stuff to take my work to the next level and it has!!
The amount of forethought that went into putting this together shines through as not only do you guide the artist meticulously through every detail, you then pound it through our head’s even more as the DVD continues and with absolutely NO ego whatsoever!! I felt like I was being taught by a teacher that truly wanted his pupils to learn and achieve things we thought were not possible for any of us.. I do not believe a stone was left unturned.. I could not wait to try and use some of these techniques on my customers!
Last but not least I am NOT a portrait guy and did not buy this DVD to learn to do portraits.. I generally have no desire to tattoo someone’s bucktoothed pimple faced kid or wrinkled old grandma onto their arm. As far as im concerned those are pictures that should remain in someone’s wallet, go ahead call me an asshole its just how I feel… I bought the DVD to add realism to the style I draw, which is more of the kustom kulture Ratfink style hotrod stuff and lemme tell ya’ it’s helped tenfold!! Im loving using the effects on my Comic style art!! So I recommend this DVD not only to people that want to learn to do portraits but to artists that just want to add realism to whatever type of artwork they do!!
Thanks so much for putting this DVD together and keep your eyes peeled as I am sending my 72 page kustom kulture coloring book to you’re shop, who knows maybe you will want to carry them in your place and I will make the 100 bucks back I spent on yer’ DVD!! HAAAaaAaA !!!
Thanks again and
Cheeeeeers!! Eric Reed
AKA: Reedpunk can check out my blog at