Sunday, January 31, 2010

DVD Testimonials....

Hey man! I just wanted to stop by and say thanks for the dvd! Its awesome! Tons of info. I like the fact that your constantly talking about what your doing and go into great detail with all aspects of your tattooing. Great dvd!
Thanks again,

Keith Ciaramello's "keep it real" advanced techniques for realistic tattooing vol.1- pure awesomeness. 3 discs- 5 hours of inspiration and knowledge to help elevate your craft to the next level. I recommend it to anyone who wants to be a better tattoo artist.

Hey Keith,
Finally had a chance to watch the DVD. Thanks for sharing! Great to learn from an articulate, talented guy who is smart enough to have his someone else do the camera work. Appreciated the extra steps you took to kick this DVD out of the park. Painting with needles on skin - great to think of it that way thanks to your artistic approach.
I'll send you some pics once i can convince someone to let me try some of this stuff out on their skin.

I just bought your DVD an watched it and it was great man! Very helpful and informative. I'm saving up for those hybrids...u convinced me! Again, thank you, and its great that there are tattoo artists like you to help this industry grow and not hold back. This DVD is great!

I just had time to watch one disc (of the three) last night and have never had such a sense of getting exactly what i was looking for. WOW!

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