Thursday, May 24, 2007

Kustom Kulture Gallery Podcast

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We are now offering a video Podcast! Look for clips on tattooing, pinstriping, painting, computer design, our events, interviews and more!


Jesper said...

Great stuff. Makoto rocks. Very nice to see a pro work. Encouraging to know that even they go over lines and joins a few times once and again. Video could do with higher quality though. Double the Mb size would be no problem, and improve quality quite a bit, I believe.

Kustom Kulture Gallery & Tattoo said...

thanks Jesper! Quality is poor, but it is meant as a teaser for the dvd (which is high quality)
I'll get better at the VLOGGING thing. Now that know a litte about it we plan to offer more video content in the future.