Thursday, September 25, 2008

Skate Decks for 2008 No Comply...

Did some "wraps" of my tiki art. Sorry again for the iPhone pics....

Got me a new Tattoo!

Got this Bad Ass Dino tattoo from Jamie @ Top SHelf in NY!
Thanks Bro!
Sorry about the crappy iPhone pics...

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Kustom Kulture Gallery NY Opening Second Studio

***Kustom Kulture Gallery NY Opening Second Studio***

That's right, and we are looking for artists and guest artists for late 08, 09 and beyond. Please send a few pictures of your best tattoo work as well as a few pictures of any other mediums you work in. We attend major conventions during the year and have a good relationship with tattoo media and publications.

The ideal person for this job is someone who has taken their tattooing as far as it can go in the shop they work in, and is looking to work in a studio with artists who encourage each other to grow, and push their limits in tattooing and other mediums.

I can to help artists willing to re-locate to NY.

Serious professional artists only. If you suck, please don't email me until you get WAY better...LOL!

Keith Ciaramello

Email or call 516 623 5665
Katie will take all your info